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A wish come true helps children battle their life-threatening illness better. It gives them hope, strength and joy to strive for the future.


Wish Facts

A wish is no longer a nice to have experience but a need to have experience. A wish helps wish children become more compliant with treatment programs and enhances their quality of life giving them more positive outcomes emotionally and physically.

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DMarcus with Michael

Wish Stories

Make-A-Wish® grants a wish, on average, every 38 minutes to a child with a life-threatening medical condition.

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Share your personal recollections about a Make-A-Wish® experience.


I Wish To Be

Many wish kids wish to be someone or something that allows their imagination run wild.


I Wish to Give

I wish to give allows wish kids to give something that they are passionate about.


I Wish to Go

I wish to go is a fun wish type which allow us to see wish kids who love to travel and why they want to go there.

shafer and treehouse

I Wish To Have

Many wish kids wish for things to have. These are more tangible things that tend to be rehabilitative and/or therapeutic in nature.

demarcus taking off

I Wish to Meet

One of the greatest things about being a Make-A-Wish Chapter is the ability for our kids to meet some of the most influential and most popular people.


My Life Now ...

The impact of a wish is real. Here are a just a few of the thousands of stories about the positive influence of the Make-A-Wish® experience.

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