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Noahs Wish Assist


November 13, 2015


TVA Chattanooga, TN

There are Make-A-Wish Chapters all over the US and internationally which is very helpful with all of the places that our wish kids want to travel.  We at Make-A-Wish East Tennessee had the pleasure of doing a wish assist with Make-A-Wish Midsouth's (serves Arkansas, West Tennessee, and North Mississippi) wish child, Noah since he wanted to come to Chattanooga and learn more about power and what a better place than TVA.

While Noah was here he toured TVA's Systyem Operations Center in downtown Chattanooga and also toured Chickamauga Dam, Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, and the Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage Plant.  TVA's employees seemed just as excited about Noah's wish as he was.  Systems Operation Center Senior Manager Jerry Wynne who led Noah's tour said that, "this was a treat for us too."  "It's just amazing to us that you've got this 14 year old boy that is interested in electricity and what TVA does.  Noah wants to get a degree in electrical engineering and Wynne said the teen, who uses a wheelchair, might someday work for TVA."  "It's accessible, it's all computer based, I think he would fit in pretty well."

Wishes are a very powerful thing for wish children in their families but they are also very powerful experiences for others involved, TVA employees would agree!

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