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The Adopt-A-Wish® program was created to give our caring community the chance to play a significant and very personal role in the granting of a wish.

Our Adopt-A-Wish Program continues to grow.  We grant over 75 wishes annually to children in East Tennessee with life-threatening conditions this year.  By “adopting” a wish, you can help a child have a happy, hopeful time…a time of relief from the treatments, hospitals, anxiety and fears that are so much a part of his/her life.  You can help give the gift of hope and lasting memories.

Our Adopt-A-Wish Program is a very rewarding programs that connects donors with our wish children and their families.  How often do we help and organization but never truly see where the money goes?  We want our donors to be a part of what we do to not only help the children but to inspire them!  We want to give them the opportunity to see first hand that they are making a difference!  Our Adopt-A-Wish donors are very gracious and special people and we simply couldn't do what we do without them.  

Working with Adopt-A-Wish donors and helping them play a role in the wish is one of the most rewarding parts of my job! ”

— Stephanie, MAWETN Staff

The Adopt-A-Wish® program is a hand on program helping people to "see and hear" about the difference that they are making not just handing over their money.  This program engages our donors!

Adopt-A-Wish® Form

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