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I wish to meet Michael Jordan

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“ My wish changed my life! ”

- DeMarcus

D'Marcus is an amazing kid who was playing basketball and had a seizure and then his life changed. His wish gave him hope and when he left on his wish his smile left a lasting impression with us all. This wish kid was on his way to experience a once in a lifetime event and he knew it...we knew it! A first airplane ride, a basketball game in the big leagues and getting to meet his hero, Michael Jordan.

When D'Marcus became sick one of the things that he loved the most had to stop for a little while, playing basketball.  It came to no surprise to the Make-A-Wish® of East Tennessee staff that his wish was to meet Basketball legend and hero, Michael Jordan.  He couldn't believe it was an option.  When it was time for D'Marcus's wish it was an exciting day!  He left Chattanooga in his very own private plane headed to Charlotte, NC with his mom, dad and cousin who is also his best friend.  It was his first airplane ride and he looked a bit nervous but simply couldn't wait to go.  They headed to Charlotte, NC to watch a basketball game and then the next day D'Marcus was going to get to meet his icon!!  He would be sitting and talking and sharing secrets with Michael Jordan?! He said he was so nervous when he walked up to him and doesn't even remember how he started talking but he said he was such a great guy and simply couldn't believe that he was sitting there talking with Michael Jordan!  It was a trip of a lifetime and he has been a rock star with all of his friends ever since. D'Marcus has been given clearance to play basketball for his Senior Year next year at Bradley High School and his fan club has grown.  We can only imagine the tips that Michael Jordan shared with him so we are sure he will be a force to reckon with.  We can't wait to watch him play in his first game BACK.    



When he walked up to me I simply couldn't speak! ”

— DeMarcus

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Stephanie Wilkins

such an uplifting story!

September 16, 2013 - 5:35 AM

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