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Nash Shares Laughs with Favorite YouTuber

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“ You all really make magic happen, don’t you? ”

- Robin, Nash's mom

Nash is a 13-year-old jokester who lights up any room when he smiles, and his bravery and motivation are apparent to all that cross his path. Nash was introduced to Make-A-Wish® in January of 2019 after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Wish granters arrived at his home in hopes of brightening his day with the opportunity to make his one true wish. It didn’t take much time at all as Nash knew exactly what he wanted to wish for.

Throughout his treatment, there was one thing that always brought Nash joy at the end of the day, and that was to watch his favorite YouTuber, Jack Septiceye. Nash had been watching Jack’s videos for years and said that he liked him most because of his humor. He could always make Nash laugh after a long and hard day. Jack is known for his gaming on his YouTube channel and this appealed greatly to Nash as he has always had a passion for video games. Though Nash began to lose a lot of his motor skills in his hands, his love for video games never tampered; he instead would channel his energy through Jack’s videos online. When his wish granters asked what his wish was, there was no hesitation. “I want to meet Jack!” Nash exclaimed.

With this information, his wish team went to work. The timing could not have been more perfect! Jack was going to be travelling to Boston this year for the PAX East gaming convention. We called Nash and his family right away with the opportunity and his mother, Robin, burst into tears of joy! She said that she was currently looking at Nash with the biggest smile that she’s seen on his face in months!

As his wish grew nearer, Robin reached out to Make-A-Wish with an update. “You all really make magic happen, don’t you?” she said. Robin explained that the day Nash found out he was going to meet Jack, he immediately started working on the muscle movement in his hands in hopes that he could play video games again before meeting his idol. She posted a picture of Nash playing a game on his phone and wrote, “I’m beyond thankful to have the chance to watch my angel doing something he thought he would never do again”. She further expressed, “You have no idea what you have done for Nash and what this means to us. This isn’t just a trip, it’s more than that. You are giving my child hope and making a miracle happen”.

In March of 2019, Nash’s wish came to life as he entered the PAX East gaming convention with a giant smile on his face and eager to meet Jack! The moment Nash entered the room, all his dreams came true. Jack embraced Nash with open arms and the two became friends for life. Nash was able to ask Jack several questions about gaming and what it is like having his own successful channel on YouTube. Jack signed all of Nash’s memorabilia that he brought with him and posed for several photos. Nash even brought Jack a hat that spelled “NASH” across the top, and Jack sported the apparel proudly! After the meet and greet, Nash and his family sat front row at Jack’s panel where he felt like a V.I.P. and was able to admire his hero, now friend, all thanks to his wish experience!

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